Landlord Seminars

Helping Local Landlord Increase Cash Flow (Includes Brunch)

Providing the owner with Peace of Mind through our marketing, maintaining and monetizing systems is the value our owners receive. Planning is personalized with future vision, ensuring the home is well kept to attract long-term tenancy resulting in long-term cash flow.

Owner Benefits:

  • Real Estate Attorney Present for Q&A
  • Landlord/Tenant Bill of Rights Discussed
  • Self-Manager Quiz
  • Move-In Checklist

Jan 12th 10am-12pm

Maggiano’s Little Italy
Westshore Mall

203 Westshore Plaza
Tampa, FL 33609

About Cavalier Estates, LLC

Cavalier Estates, LLC is a real estate brokerage whose focus is on property management. We have been operating in Tampa, Florida since 2006. We manage single-family and multi-family properties at a practical cost for landlords. We have various streamlined plans- Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each plan offers different prices accommodating different rentals.

Our company believes that property management is an intersection of art and science. We have used this belief to develop a system that reduces vacancies and optimizes investments. At Cavalier Estates, transparency is highly respected. There are no hidden fees and we keep you updated on external costs and maintenance requests. It’s our aim to keep both our owners and occupants happy. 

Cavalier Estates offers a wide range of services. This includes strategic marketing and detailed financial reporting. It also includes solid on-call maintenance and a comprehensive applicant screening procedure. 

Our mission is to provide landlords with the freedom and peace of mind of a worry-free investment. Our professional and dedicated staff will take care of your properties as if they were their own.

We are proud to emphasize that our vast property management portfolio is proficiently managed. We practice integrity and are keen on the details of property management. 

We have a record of low resident turnover because we always take good care of your property’s tenants. This allows us to stay competitive in the rental business.

Along with reliability, we also invest in advanced technologies. We make it convenient for tenants and landlords to access their records. Cavalier Estate’s online system makes documentation organized and easy-to-access.

Our clients can count on us to attract qualified applicants with our advertising methods. We aim to place good tenants in our clients’ property. This will ensure that your tenants adhere to your policies and take care of your property.

Attracting and keeping tenants is one of our top priorities. Cavalier Estates seeks to reduce vacancies and minimize upkeep incidentals. Generating steady cash flows for owners is imperative for us. We strive to implement tactical strategies to meet this objective. Cavalier Estate’s determination and hard work benefit our clients. We place a premium on our customer’s trust in choosing to work with us.

Client Testimonials

Our clients have stayed with us for years. This is a testament to our drive to build a customer-centric business of superior value.

Here’s what our clients say about their experience with Cavalier Estates LLC:

“Matt helped me find the perfect home in a great neighborhood for an excellent price! The staff is awesome! I recommend Cavalier Estates LLC if you are shopping for a house!”

– Sean Hughes


“We have been renting a home from this company since August 2014 and I cannot say enough about their responsiveness and reliability. Whenever we had a minor issue like the dryer not working, they responded straight away and the situation was resolved. They are polite, caring and the best in property management in Tampa. If you are looking for a rental home, I strongly advise contacting Cavalier Estates LLC.”

– Oscar Reynold


“I have had nothing but excellence with Cavalier Estates LLC. They leased my unit in less than 1 month after signing the agreement. They did an incredible job vetting applicants and securing the finest tenant (we renewed the lease). It’s fortunate I found Cavalier Estates LLC and I definitely recommend their services to friends and family.”

– Melissa Watts


“For a couple of years now working alongside Cavalier Estates LLC, I can give them a perfect 5 stars for their professionalism and level of service. Keep it up!”

– Douglas Schaaf


“The whole experience and process of applying to rent one of their apartments was AWESOME! Their phone support was friendly and very skilled. Thank you so much Cavalier Estates!”

– Ray Tyrone


Why Choose Us

Cavalier Estates, LLC has a systematic and artful approach to property management. We make things easy for both landlords and tenants every step of the way. Investing in Appfolio is one way we do this.

Appfolio is a property management software that allows landlords to view detailed monthly and annual financial reports. This keeps them up-to-date on the status of their property.

Cavalier Estates, LLC also prepares a Resident Benefits Package for all our lease agreements. This provides tenants with a variety of special benefits.

Such benefits include waived renewal fees, access to our 24/7 Maintenance Hotline, and $100,000 Tenant Liability Insurance Package.

Moreover, new air filters are delivered to tenants during their lease period. This is a preventive upkeep measure with zero cost to the property owners.

Other benefits our owners enjoy are an annual home assessment, lease-end, and renewal inspections. Cavalier Estate’s effective marketing includes pictures and video marketing.

We also take care of online rent collection and owner payments. Further, we provide an Owner and Tenant Handbook as a manual available for download.

You can also access our Tenant Screening Criteria and Disclosure to check our methodical procedures. This also includes Pet Screening documentation. This enables us to ensure that policies are clear to both the owners and tenants of the property.

At Cavalier Estates, LLC we go the extra mile. Our plans depend on each client’s requirements; choose from a Silver, Gold and Platinum Plan.

Give us a call at (813) 344-0034 or leave a message on our website for a more detailed assessment of which plan suits your property best.

At Cavalier Estates, we exceed expectations by providing solutions that give landlords freedom and peace of mind that their properties are in good hands. Our staff is dedicated to reaching their highest professional potential by treating the properties of our clients as if they were our own.

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