Living in Tampa, Florida Pros and Cons

Living in Tampa, Florida: Pros and Cons

Is Tampa, Florida a good place to live?

Tampa is one of the largest cities in Florida with plenty of people moving here every year. Its sunny season is one of the reasons plenty of tourists and residents flock to this city.

If you’re planning to move to this large metro area, check out these pros and cons gathered by the top Tampa property managers to help you decide.


Pros of Living in Tampa, FL

is tampa florida a good place to live

1. Festivals

The sunny weather makes yearlong festivities possible, unlike many other cities. This means residents can enjoy a variety of fun activities in Tampa all year long, making this a lively city as a home base.

Some common festivals celebrated in the Tampa area are the Sunset Music Festival, Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, Halfway There Festival of Beer, Tampa Bay Pride Parade and several others. This diverse city and its festivals make it a vibrant hub for both visitors and residents.


2. Historic areas

Those who appreciate history would enjoy Ybor City, a historic landmark in Tampa Florida. You’ll find a museum, cobblestone streets, Cuban and Spanish restaurants in this historic district. Ybor City was formerly known as the “Cigar Capital of the World”.

Presently, you can drop by the cigar factory, J.C. Newman Cigar Co. to purchase cigars. If you fancy eating at one of the oldest Spanish restaurants in the country, dine at Columbia Restaurant.


3. Rent prices

One of the advantages of staying in the Tampa area is the relatively low property rental prices in the city. For a one-bedroom apartment, the average monthly rent is around $1,100 and $1,340 for a two-bedroom unit.

In addition, Florida has no state income tax. This translates to extra disposable income for renters.


4. Various local watering holes

What is Tampa known for, you may be wondering? Well, people in Tampa enjoy celebrating, so it’s no surprise that the city offers plenty of great bars. You can find many affordable ones where handcrafted cocktails are also available.

Among bars to check out are The Hub Bar, Coppertail Brewing, Lowry Parcade & Tavern, and Ciro’s.


5. Quiet neighborhoods

Even if Tampa can be densely populated, it has pockets of neighborhoods that offer a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of city living.

Check out the following neighborhoods: the Channel District, Ybor City and Hyde Park. These are historic and known to be tranquil spots for peaceful living.

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6. Bilingual opportunities for work in Tampa

Part of Tampa’s diversity is its melting pot reputation where people from Mexico, the Caribbean and others have made this city their home. This leads to plenty of languages being spoken.

Chief among them are Spanish and English, so if you have a reasonable mastery of both, you’ll have plenty of opportunities open for you. The finance and healthcare industries have a strong presence in the city, so finding work in Tampa will be much easier.


7. Low cost of living in Tampa FL

Unlike other cities, living near a beach in Tampa, Florida doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. In addition to Florida’s zero state income tax, property taxes in Tampa hover around 2%. This makes Tampa a great place to own an investment property (click here to learn about our property management services in Tampa)

Further, the average home value in Tampa last year was around $219,000, making it very affordable compared to other beach cities around the country. So if you want to save a bit of money then Tampa is a wonderful choice.


8. Top-quality education

Parents prioritize quality education, and Tampa does not disappoint. Tampa has several above-average academies and institutions, serving a family’s best interests. You’ll also find great universities like the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa in this city.


Cons of Living in Tampa, FL

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1. Humidity

In the summer, Tampa can be uncomfortable with its rising heat index and humidity level. It’s best to have a solid HVAC system so you can withstand particularly hot days. During the rainy season, you’ll need to adjust and may opt to cancel your outdoor plans.

Rain and corresponding humidity are normally expected from May to September. If you thrive in the outdoors and prefer daily outside activities, then you may need to find a place that has a more suitable climate than Tampa.

The wonderful thing about this city, however, is its renowned beaches (like Ben T. Davis Beach, Clearwater and Treasure Island Beach to name a few) that you can enjoy when the heat becomes unbearable for you.


2. Tropical storm risks

Tampa is exposed to storm risks and flooding, especially during the hurricane season. Its coastal location makes it particularly vulnerable and necessitates paying for flood insurance as a property owner.

June to December are the most important months to monitor the stormy weather. Today’s technology makes it easy to be alerted and to prepare for evacuation if necessary.


3. Poor options for Public Transportation

Tampa’s transportation system is lacking in contrast to other metro cities, considering the population size. There’s no available rail system and you can only choose buses, trolley or streetcars.

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If you live in the suburbs, it’s tough if you don’t own a car, so you’ll likely need to arrange a carpool. This may lead you to ask: how bad is Tampa traffic? Well, the upside of Tampa is that traffic is manageable and doesn’t seem to present a headache to residents.


4. Most suburbs are under a Home Owner’s Association

A lot of Tampa’s properties are managed by a HOA, so there are stringent regulations to follow. This translates to extra fees when you decide to buy a home. On top of that, HOAs can collect a special assessment charge to fund renovations and repairs in your neighborhood. As a resident, you may have to comply and pay hefty fees.

It’s best to check the HOA record before buying a property in a particular neighborhood. This grants you foresight into how well-managed the HOA collective fund is. This is an important factor to consider before moving to Tampa and selecting a property to purchase.

For more useful information when it comes to great neighborhoods in Tampa, contact Cavalier Estates LLC Property Management at (813) 344 0034. It’s best to ask local experts prior to moving to Tampa.

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