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We provide transparent property management to our owners by delivering a variety of benefits:

Most Common Rental Owner Questions

A: We will take over the management of your rental property as soon as you sign the contract. This is usually within 24 hours!

A: A vacant property is every landlord’s worst nightmare. At Cavalier Estates, we understand this, so we make it our goal to find suitable tenants as soon as possible. We use various proven marketing strategies to accomplish this.

Usually, the time it takes to fill a vacancy varies depending on numerous things, such as property type and location. Regardless, we will do our best to fill your vacant property in the shortest time possible.

A: Besides using our proven marketing strategies, we also have other strategies (such as video walkthroughs) to help fill your vacancy quicker. Among these strategies is setting the right rental rate. We make sure to set a rental price that is neither too high or too low.

With all these strategies in place, we are able to rent homes typically in under a month. In fact, in most cases, we are able to find tenants within three weeks (21 days).

A: Application fees are mandatory for every successful prospective tenant to help facilitate their screening process.

A: We use various tools and strategies to determine the exact price that a property should rent out for. One of these strategies involves conducting a vigorous comparative market analysis. This helps us gather all the necessary knowledge we need to establish a “Goldilocks” rent; that is, a rent that is just right—not too high and not too low.

A: We provide our tenants with a variety of ways to pay their rent at the end of every month. They can mail or drop it off at our office or simply log in to their online portal and make the payment.

A: Yes, we only rent to tenants who have passed our rigorous screening process. Our screening process checks for various things, including the tenant’s level of income and creditworthiness. We also verify their rental, employment, and criminal status.

A: Yes, you do. We require owners to provide proof that they are adequately insured before we take over the management of their property. We also require tenants to show proof of renter's insurance.

Renter’s insurance helps cover a tenant’s personal belongings against loss, damage, or theft.

A: First and foremost, the tenant needs to pass our rigorous screening process. Next, they need to pay all the move-in costs (the first month’s rent and the security deposit fee). They may also need to pay other (extra) fees as well.

Only after a tenant has passed through this process are they allowed to sign the lease.

A: The tenant needs to provide us with a notice of their intended decision to move out, and then we arrange for a third-party inspection firm to inspect the property’s condition. The goal of the inspection is to check whether or not the tenant has caused any negligent property damage.

Once everything is confirmed to be in a good state, we then proceed to return the appropriate security deposit amount.

A: We usually conduct three property inspections during the lease term. That is, when a tenant first moves in, when they are renewing their lease, and when they eventually move out. By doing this, we are able to preserve our client’s property value.

A: There are owner and tenant utilities. When a tenant moves into your property, some utilities will be under their name. These usually include utilities such as electricity, gas, and internet. The owner will continue paying for utilities like water and trash collection.

A: We understand that rent is the lifeblood of any rental business. For this reason, we take rent collection very seriously. When a tenant fails to pay when they should, the first thing we do is send them a rent demand notice.

In most cases, the rent demand notice acts as a reminder and most tenants will pay the rent almost immediately. However, if the notice expires and the tenant has not paid, the next step we will take is to file an unlawful detainer lawsuit in court.

A: We have licensed, professional contractors and vendors that can help handle any repair and maintenance issues at your property. However, before anything work is conducted, we will inform you about all the details regarding the issue.

It is only after we get your permission that we can begin the work. We will make sure the work completed is of high quality and reasonably priced.

A: There is a big percentage of the tenant pool that has pets, so it would be a great idea to accept them into your property. Charging a pet deposit usually takes care of any property damage the pet might cause.

We do not rent to smokers, period!

A: You will be able to view all reports in your owner portal, which you can access anywhere and at any time. We will provide you the login details once you hire us to carte for you rental property.

A: Of course not! We will always involve you in all important matters regarding your property.

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